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Best Lighting Solutions for Warehouses

Lighting has a direct physical and mental impact in the workplace. For one, proper lighting improves safety conditions by reducing accidents in warehouses. However, it is important to combine both natural lighting and correct electrical lighting to improve workplace conditions and employee health. Read on to discover the benefits of proper warehouse lighting.

Understand Warehouse Space

It is imperative to know your warehouse landscape. By figuring out which lighting solutions are necessary, this will save you time and money, by. Certain areas may feature more natural light than others, which requires less need for artificial lighting. Typically, windows, doors and loading docks will not need extra lighting. Regardless, it is important to understand how to correctly fill in the shadows where it gets dim. For example, the ceiling is the most imperative space to implement lighting. Warehouses that feature high racks will require more illumination as the material is closer to the roof.

Electrical Lighting: Three Light Sources

Warehouses generally feature three types of lights:

  • Metal halide: A quality white lighting solution that has been utilized since the 1990s and is typically found in stadiums and parking lots
  • Fluorescent lighting: Less expensive, but not as efficient as LEDs
  • LED lighting: The most energy and cost efficient lighting solution in warehouses and industrial settings

We encourage implementing LED lighting out of all lighting types based on efficiency. Fluorescent lighting may be cheaper, but LEDs consume less energy and last much longer, reducing energy costs in the future. Also, LEDs are becoming more prominent because its lighting can be adjustable and easily dimmed when necessary.

Color Matters

Lighting color is an important component, especially for warehouses. Every warehouse will experience different seasons and weather conditions based on location. Change lighting when necessary to avoid employee discomfort. Employees need to see properly, while being able to easily read labels and recognize materials. The best solution and light color for this is natural light.

Invite Natural Lighting

We highly promote taking advantage of natural lighting. Open up windows and blinds, but make sure they are maintained and kept clean. Control how much lighting comes in and out by implementing blinds and shades to adjust natural lighting in the warehouse.

Studies show daylight can boost productivity and employee happiness. Plus, natural lighting stimulates a calming atmosphere, which reduces stress. Furthermore, the use of natural lighting is said to improve employee attendance and also reduce the risk of illnesses.  Not only are mental pressures and tensions reduced, but natural light can also reduce energy bills by using less energy for lighting solutions.

What is the Right Warehouse Lighting for Your Business?

Whether inviting natural light or utilizing electrical lighting, it is most important to select proper warehouse lighting. Ignoring employee and workplace needs for proper lighting solutions has its repercussions as it negatively affects productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Also, light is an important aspect of vision. Vision is approximately up to 85% of one’s perception of the world. Dim or harsh lighting can affect employee moods and perception of work, while causing headaches and eye strains because the eyes need to work strenuously in order to see. Overall, choose lighting based on your warehouse environments and employee needs.

Kirby Electric is a Warehouse Lighting Expert

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