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Save Energy in Commercial Buildings This Summer

With the spring temperature rising, keeping your office cool can be expensive. As your company works toward keeping itself cost-efficient this upcoming summer, try considering alternative ways to save energy. Here are four tips to save energy in commercial buildings this summer.


Ventilation of commercial buildings can help to lower high energy costs and protect the environment. Natural ventilation, as discussed by the Construction Specifier, shows how businesses can make the most of their mechanical ventilation system while also lowering their energy bill. Such natural ventilation systems require little maintenance and can keep the building cool for employees during the warm summer months.

LED Lighting

LED lighting lasts longer and uses less wattage than other forms of lighting. The U.S. Department of Energy states that more commercial buildings are choosing LED lighting as their form of commercial lighting. They provide a more environmentally and economically friendly product. They found that LED lights can save about 75% more energy and last up to 25 times longer than other electrical lighting. LED lighting can help lower your company’s electrical bill and provide an alternative energy source.

Motion Sensitivity

Motion sensitive lighting shows to be effective in saving energy as it automatically functions based on occupancy of the building. Boston’s Challenge for Sustainability emphasizes the inexpensive installation of motion sensors and that your overall savings percentage can increase. Motion sensitive lighting can help especially in areas of your building where there isn’t much activity or where lights can end up being left on. Benefits of switching to motion sensitive lights, according to Challenge for Sustainability, include energy savings that can reach around 75% and total savings that can be around 35% to 45%.


Inadequate lighting or electrical problems in your commercial buildings can lead to increased electrical costs. Save energy by retrofitting your buildings. We can help install electrical bundles that best fit your building’s needs while also protecting the environment. Schedule your energy audit here to start the process of saving energy for the summer today.

Save Energy with Kirby Electric

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