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Energy Saving Tips for Spring

Have you started your annual spring cleaning? While focusing on enhancing or tidying up your office or home, expand maintenance by also focusing improving how electricity is utilized. There is nothing better than to save money! Discover Kirby Electric’s quick and easy energy saving tips for spring to cut down on monthly electric bills.

Regulate the Thermostat

How often do you pay attention to a thermostat Even a simple change of two degrees can have some significance on reducing energy costs. Turn up the thermometer during the warmer seasons, and turn them down during the winter. By doing this, a consumer can potentially save approximately $180 in overall energy costs throughout the year.


Dusting may be one of those office/home chores that are often overlooked, but make time to do so this spring! Electronics run less efficiently the more dust collects in a residence. Vents and computers happen to be one of the top items that are affected by dust, as it can cause overheating. Try to dust on a regular basis to ward off electrical issues and computer fires.


Another energy saving tip is to utilize standby power settings. Also, turning off electronics that require electricity can help save an average of $5 each month in a home. Try unplugging electronic items that display lights or a clock to help reduce energy costs.

Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

Are you aware that most fans include a switch that lets the fan spin in the opposite direction? Spring and summer are the best seasons to reverse the direction of the ceiling fan to reduce bills by 10%. Also, the wind-chill effect that the fan creates cools a residence in addition to preserving electricity.


A top energy saving seasonal tip for spring is focusing on strategical landscaping. Use your plants for shade! Placing trees and shrubs in vital areas around your home or office has the potential to save approximately 25% on heating and cooling usage. We advise placing desired plants to shade the west and east-facing windows. It is important to note to not plant anything by power lines.

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