3 New Year Resolutions for Your Office Electrical System

As 2018 has arrived, setting goals and resolutions are meant to improve personal development. Have you considered any improvements on your lifestyle by creating resolutions for your office and business? With electrical systems, common goals focus on reducing energy bills and figuring out what to replace or update. Consider our three simple resolutions to help keep your business’s electrical system in optimal shape this year.

Shut Down Computes After Work Hours

Computers use a considerable amount of energy during work hours. As a business, you probably have multiple, dozens, or even hundreds running at the same time. Are computers left on after work hours? If so, your business could be potentially wasting an extensive amount of money just by leaving computers powered on. Turning your computers or running devices off during afterhours is one solution to be mindful of energy savings. Need to leave your computer on? To save energy, one solution is to leave computers on “sleep mode”.

Update Outdated Bulbs for LEDs

Business owners should highly consider LED light bulbs for their office. While LEDs may cost more upfront, your energy bills will not suffer. In fact, they use 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. LED lights also last 35-50 times longer in comparison. Want to improve safety in your office? LEDs emit little heat and the danger for an electrical fire is greatly reduced.

Reduce Total Energy Consumption

The start of the year is the best time to ponder about ways to reduce bills and overall energy consumption. Below is a various list of ways to reach that goal:

Note: Remember, being mindful and aware of can go a long way in the present and especially the future. Make sure the electrical system electrical tips and usage is up to date with energy efficient appliances and items. Start and end the year saving money and/or cutting down bills by eliminating over usage of electricity and keeping up with necessary maintenance. Happy New Year!

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