4 Preparation Tips for Workplace Power Outages

Workplace power outages happen.  Are you aware of an emergency plan at your work in case of a major power outage? According to the American Red Cross, around 40 percent of small businesses do not reopen after major disasters occur due to insufficient preparation or lack of a proper backup system. In contrast, having an adequate plan arranged ahead of time will ultimately help eliminate the difficulties of doing business during a power outage. To make sure your business and employees are safe and prepared, here are 4 quick tips to keep in mind if the power goes out at work.

1.Door Signage

At times, workplace power outages may require the business to close down for the day because work is unable to be completed or continued. It is imperative for staff to post a sign on the front door that allows customers and employees (who have not arrived yet) understand why the business is closed during regular business hours.

2. Stock Flashlights

One essential item you must have is a flashlight. Make sure there is one stored in the office and the stock room at all times. Also, having backup flashlights is an additional light source that will help you recognize which switches you need to flip to potentially bring the power back on. During workplace power outage, flashlights can bring security for workers and less panic as everyone can function and navigate around the room. Most importantly, don’t forget to have additional batteries in store just for convenience!

3. Prepare for Security Risks

Some businesses may encounter security risks during power outages. If you have security cameras or any electric powered protection devices, you may want to be cautious and contact local authorities to make sure your business and fellow employees are safe. You never know how long the electricity could be out of service. Make sure you act accordingly!

4. Food/Water

You never know how long a power outage will last. For safety’s sake, stock-up on extra food and water for employees and/or customers. Authorities may require you to stay inside your business for security or safety reasons during a workplace power outage, so always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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