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Natural Light Solutions in Commercial Buildings

Sitting in a dark office space not only can be discouraging, but it can also be bad for your health. Incorporating natural light in your commercial building can help to motivate employees and increase productivity. At Kirby Electric, we can help you create an electric system that benefits your building’s structure and takes advantage of natural light. Read on to find out more about different natural light solutions, and how Kirby Electric can help you.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that there are many health benefits to having natural light in your commercial building. Not only does it appear to improve productivity of employees, it can help with your sleeping patterns too. CNN discovered that those with more exposure to natural light in their buildings throughout the day received 46 more minutes of sleep a night on average than those who were not exposed to natural light in their workspaces. More natural light can improve one’s mood as well.

Seat Positioning

Your workspace may be expansive, and natural light might not reach all parts of the building. This means that some employees in those darker areas might not be exposed to natural light. In a study done by Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, they found that the best place to put workstations is within 20 to 25 feet of the peripheral walls that have the windows. Daylight seems to vanish outside of this 20 to 25 feet area. This is a simple natural light solution to expose employees to natural light through a reordering of your building’s interior design.


If your building is fitted with lots of windows, you might be concerned about having too much natural lighting. Issues like too much glare can hinder employee performance. Heat from natural light too can make the building uncomfortable and end up costing you more money. A solution to this problem is to make sure that your windows have proper glazing. Windows and skylights with proper glazing can help reduce this glare while still providing enough natural light to boost employee performance.

If your building has no windows and no source of natural light, there are still some solutions for this problem. Forbes found that a change in interior design can help create an essence of natural light in your building. However, having a proper artificial lighting system can also help make the building a little brighter and more cheerful. The goal is to choose the right type of lighting, which we are more than happy to help with. Encouraging your employees to go outside during breaks and getting some actual natural light throughout the day can also prove to be beneficial.

Energy Saving Lighting

LED lighting and energy saving lights can help you take advantage of natural light while also giving you the most cost-effective solution. Here at Kirby Electric, our goal is to save you money and energy while also protecting the environment. With a LED lighting design, we can take create an electrical system that is most beneficial to you. Bloomberg also found that installing blue lights can help boost your brain, especially during the sluggishness of the midday. We can help meet these particular needs of your employees and provide you with great natural light solutions.

How Kirby Electric Can Help

Kirby Electric provides a number of services that can help you choose the right type of lighting for your building while also taking advantage of natural lighting. From electrical design, engineering, and construction, we can help find natural light solutions that are most cost-effective for you. With technology such as LED lighting and daylight responsive sensors, there are many different artificial lighting solutions that can assist in boosting employee exposure to natural light while also keeping your building properly lit. Not taking advantage of natural light can be a costly decision, and we want to help make sure that your building saves energy and saves you money.

Find Natural Light Solutions with Kirby Electric

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