New Home Safety Monitoring Light Bulb

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A new Kickstarter Campaign is receiving lots of publicity for its goal: to prevent home burglaries. Boston Business Journal reports on how the Kickstarter BeON Home  hopes to deter criminals—using a light bulb that re-creates lighting habits when residents are away from home, even going so far as to turn on lights when the doorbell sounds.

The new bulb has additional intelligent attributes that users can trigger from an app:

  • Defense against power outages that eliminates returning to a dark house
  • Emergency lighting prompted by smoke detectors
  • Natural fading and dimming that makes indoor light more comfortable

Specs are simple but smart. BeON bulbs rely on 800 lumens of LED, Bluetooth technology, a microphone, processor, and rechargeable battery. Lights transfer information with one another, so every bulb in the building can be smarter and more efficient at all times.

What Could a Security Bulb Do For Businesses?

BeON Home plans to ship their intelligent bulbs out in summer 2015. There’s no information yet on whether the bulb could spawn an idea for commercial light safety, but it could be a promising way to reduce shrink and prevent loss solely or paired with traditional monitoring systems.

Keep Your Business Safe Now

Smart bulbs may not have reached the commercial and industrial markets, but you still have the ability to keep your company’s building safe now. Kirby Fire/Security makes it easier to manage all your monitoring services. Fire alarm design and installation, 24-hour UL monitoring, and CCTV are some of the ways we enhance commercial buildings.

A Strong Case for Effective Safety Monitoring

Commercial safety monitoring is important to a business’ bottom line. Not only does loss prevention affect business plans and budgeting, but damage from a disaster like a fire could potentially raise legal issues if necessary standards aren’t met.

Fire alarm installation is a simple but highly effective way to increase the safety of employees and protect property and products. If you’re unsure whether your business needs fire alarm monitoring, look at the following 2009-2011 statistics from the U.S. Fire Administration:

  • “An estimated 86,500 nonresidential building fires were reported to United States fire departments each year and caused an estimated 85 deaths, 1,325 injuries, and  $2.6 billion in property losses per year.”
  • “Smoke alarms were not present in  52 percent of the larger, nonconfined fires in occupied nonresidential buildings.”
  • “Outside and special properties accounted for the most nonresidential building fires ( 21 percent), while storage buildings accounted for the most nonresidential building fire deaths ( 29 percent).”

Security monitoring is another important way to safeguard against burglary attacks. In burglary cases, the loss isn’t always just from product or equipment theft, but also from damaged sustained to property during break in. Replacing windows and doors adds up to another expense.

The City of Woodinville, WA points out that “Businesses are four times as apt to be burglarized as homes, and small businesses are targets in over half of the commercial burglaries committed.” Among other safety steps, the City recommends not only installing an alarm, but posting visible notices stating an alarm system is in use.

Do you know which monitoring systems your business needs to prevent loss? See the   tools we use to keep businesses protected.

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