LED Lighting Myths

5 LED Lighting Myths Debunked by Kirby Electric

Lighting is essential with most everything we do—how we create it varies. Follow along to discover some of the most common and not so common LED lighting myths. Some of them may even surprise you!

LED Lighting Myths #1 – LED Bulbs Are Expensive

This is most definitely an LED lighting myth! Initial costs of LED lighting are usually higher; however, they require less energy to operate. This can result in significantly lower electric bills over time when compared to conventional systems. LED fixtures have a longer life, are more durable, and reliable, meaning they require less maintenance.  Annual lighting costs of LED lighting systems can reduce lighting bills up to 80%!

LED Lighting Myths #2 – LED’s Last Forever

Do LED bulbs really last forever? This is a myth. Like any light source, LED’s will fade over time. Although, well -designed LED lighting packages are said to retain 70% of their initial light output for six years or 50,000 hours. Furthermore, if you run your LED lighting system 24/7, you can expect your lights to last twice as long as fluorescents and many, many times longer than incandescent bulbs.

LED Lighting Myths #3 – LED’s Offer Poor Dimming Capabilities

This is most definitely an LED lighting myth! Kirby Electric’s LED lighting retrofits offer convenient, targeted dimming options based on your facility needs. Our advanced systems provide gradual dimming across a wide range of increments to create the perfect lighting conditions needed to carry out a productive workday.

LED Lighting Myths #4 – LED Bulbs Contain Mercury

LED bulbs absolutely do not contain mercury. Unlike their counterparts such as fluorescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, which contain hazardous mercury. Inevitable heat released from lighting is also lower with LED lighting. This can be beneficial when building managers are looking to achieve optimal working conditions for employees.

LED Lighting Myths #5 – LED Lighting is Too Blue

This is a common misconception. When LED lighting was initially introduced, the bulbs were heavily scrutinized for producing a harsh, cool light. Thankfully LED lights have evolved and are offered in a wider range of softer, warmer hues. Now there is a bulb for each and every room, depending on the desired ambiance and effect you seek to create.

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