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Energy Saving Strategies for the Workplace

The New Year helps motivate positive changes by influencing resolutions toward business success. However, improving your workspace can impact mood and productivity. Keep your office environment in mind by discovering beneficial ways to conserve energy. Focusing on energy conservation is quite easy and relatively inexpensive or even cost-free. Explore three of our easy energy saving strategies to keep energy costs down this year.

  1. Discover Current Energy Use

First, start by examining current electrical bills and begin to understand and analyze regular usage patterns. In particular, figure out how much energy is consumed during after-hours. Also, check for any unusual spikes of energy consumption. Do you see any trends? Evaluating energy consumption patterns in the past can help set the basis for energy saving strategies in the future. This will help uncover where improvements can be made.

  1. Unplug Devices Not in Use

One common mistake that everyone tends to commit is leaving office devices and equipment plugged in, especially when they are not being used. It is important to know that plugged in devices, whether on or off will drain energy. Also, practice turning off electrical devices and unplugging anything electrically powered at the end of each workday to help reduce energy consumption.

  1. Involve Employees

Encourage your employees to become more energy efficient! To take it a step further, try implementing “eco-friendly” competitions and provide rewards. This can be a fun way to increase office morale, promote a positive office culture, and enhance productivity. For example, encourage employees to use reusable utensils, cups, and plates. Finally, make them keep track of their usage and track it as an office.

  1. What Else Can I Do?

There are endless ways to conserve energy in the workplace. Whether it is something small or monumental, any effort can have a significant impact in the future. If you want to go above and beyond, discover this comprehensive office energy checklist:

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