Kirby Electric Can Help You Get Electrical Rebates

Electrical Rebates

Did you know Kirby Electric can work in tandem with your power company to help you obtain rebates for energy efficient lighting upgrades? If you’re interested in installing energy efficient equipment and lighting in a commercial or industrial facility, we recommend talking to your power company to explore what rebates and financial incentives are available.

From simple rebates to sizable incentives for large, complex projects, electric utilities have a variety of ways to lighten the financial burden for businesses who take significant steps to reduce their energy use through a lighting retrofit or major new construction project. Here are a couple examples:

Seattle City Light Electrical Rebates and Incentives

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Seattle City Light offers financial incentives to medium and large businesses who have energy efficient equipment and lighting installed. Depending on the project, incentives can go up to 70% of the installation cost. Energy-saving solutions that are eligible for rebates and incentives pertain to lighting, HVAC, controls, transformers, glazing and insulation as well as industrial process improvements.

It’s important to note that all incentives must be approved by Seattle City Light before your business has these upgrades installed, as incentive amounts are finalized through an advance contract with the utility.

Puget Sound Energy Electrical Rebates, Grants and Programs

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Puget Sound Energy also offers many different energy efficiency rebates to the commercial and industrial electric customers located within PSE’s electric service area. Instant rebates for commercial lighting are available through their Lighting to Go Rebate for those who swap in old lighting for more energy efficient LEDs. For this rebate, you must have your rebate application approved, have the equipment installed, and send over all necessary documentation before PSE will send you your rebate check.

PSE also offers a Business Lighting Incentive Program that covers up to 70% of the project for any project that qualifies as an Enhanced Lighting Project. For existing buildings, custom lighting retrofits can receive payment for up to 50% of the installed cost. For new construction commercial/industrial projects, grants and rebates can fund up to 100% of the incremental cost (the cost difference between the standard option and the high-efficiency option). Projects must be submitted to PSE for pre-approval before work begins on the project.

About Kirby Electric

Kirby Electric is a premier Seattle electrical contractor specializing in commercial and industrial electrical contracting. As your local commercial electrician, we can help with any electrical needs when it comes to upgrading older buildings, including equipment hook ups, rewiring or relocating panels, and lighting upgrades. We also work with electrical companies like Puget Sound Energy, Tacoma Public Utilities, Lakeview Power and others that will provide a rebate for upgrading to a more efficient lighting upon approval of the project. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to get a quote.

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