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High Bay Lighting vs Low Bay Lighting for Your Business

Every business facility requires specific lighting solutions based on environment and safety. Bay lighting offers well-distributed lighting to open spaces in large buildings. Keep in mind; it is important to identify which choice of bay lighting your building may need based on height. Discover key differences between high bay lighting and low bay lighting to properly light your business.

High Bay Lighting

Generally found in industrial and commercial environments, high bay lights are intended to be installed 20 feet to 40 feet above the floor in high-ceiling, open areas. For maximum efficiency at the height, they are placed, high bay lights will require specially engineered reflectors while LED high bays will need specifically engineered lens angles. As a result, the reflectors or lens angles will minimize wasted light and will make sure light will hit the floor.

Low Bay Lighting

For residential homes, retail, and public buildings, low bay lighting is the best lighting solution. They are intended to be placed in ceilings under 20 feet above the floor (generally 12 feet to 20 feet).  Also, low bay lighting feature lens angles to help position lighting in designated areas.

Are They Interchangeable?

No. High bay lights and low bay lights are meant to be used in their designated environments. While there are no major consequences, using high bay lights in low ceilings will cause overpowered brightness. On the other hand, using low bay lights in high ceilings will decrease overall visibility.

Choose Smart: LED Bay Lighting

Maximize your lighting efficiency by using light-emitting diode (LED) bay lighting. LEDs are the most energy-efficient light bulbs to date. Plus, they are more durable, cost-efficient in the long run. They also provide better light quality than any other lighting solution. Best of all, LED bay lighting will enhance visibility for warehouse workers to improve safety conditions. Unlike fluorescent and HID lights, ease your mind of replacing LEDs because they have a longer life cycle.

Kirby Electric Can Find the Best Lighting Solutions for Your Business

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