Renewable Energy Gets Greener
Engineered trees could complement the ecological benefits of trees like this in urban areas

News outlet CNN recently reported on an inventive way for nature and technology to meet—in a steel tree designed to generate power for heating, lighting, and charging.

CNN writes that the French “Arbre a Vent,” the tree created to turn air into energy, has changed preconceptions on what renewable energy really looks like. The goal is simple: to turn air currents into energy wherever possible, particularly in cities where practical and aesthetic needs call for an alternative to traditional devices such as wind turbines.

A prototype of the artistic tree will be “planted” in Paris for two months starting mid-March, and developments and ideas will continue to flow as a result of its innovation in wind power. On the horizon, according to company engineer Julia Revuz, are “mini wind turbines” that could fit into a variety of crowded urban landscapes.

Something From Nothing: Renewable Energy

The idea of using a plentiful resource (wind) to create energy has motivated eco-friendly thinking for years. Last year we learned about the possibility of creating electricity from garbage, and Vermont’s City of Burlington managed to receive their power exclusively from natural sources: water, wind, and biomass (material from organisms, usually plants), ThinkProgress reported.

Get More Efficient

Retrofitting means enhancing or adding to something existing. In the electricity industry, retrofits are especially necessary in older buildings that don’t have today’s advanced electrical systems. Newer electrical systems not only save operating costs, but they also focus on eco-friendly output. Looking at warehouse electrical costs, Kirby Electric discovered a way for a poorly lit warehouse to save nearly $10,000 yearly, and install brighter lights that make working conditions safer and more productive.

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