Whether it is due to over usage, disrepair, or need of replacement, home appliances eventually experience problems. The contrary belief is the appliance alone will experience trouble, but faulty appliances may cause greater problems to your electrical system. . Damages can range from simple wear and tear to a catastrophic electrical fire. Read on to discover how malfunctioning appliances can cause electrical damage and what you should do if a serious problem is detected.

What can Happen?

When malfunctioning appliances start to fizzle, it sends an enormous amount of electricity to the electrical system. This will cause the circuit breaker to trip, which is the first sign of a problem and also recognized as a safety mechanism.

The circuit breaker should not be flipped on when the root of the problem is not discovered. This can result to even more inconvenient electrical damages to deal with (such as surge, physical, and fire damage).

Surge Damage

Is there a surge protector or whole-home surge protection in your home for everyday use electronics? This particular technology secures sensitive microprocessors that can be easily impaired from power surges. For example, refrigerators and air conditioners use a surplus amount of energy when in use. Then, other home appliances that are sharing the same circuit receive surges of power. With malfunctioning appliances, they can potentially send bigger surges.

As a result, microprocessor-based electronics may experience instant permanent damage. In other cases, they may experience damage over time, reducing an appliance’s lifespan.

Physical Damage

When large surges occur, they can burn connectors in light switches, electrical outlets, and other given electrical components. Moreover, it only takes a fraction of a second for a flash like this to make an outlet or switch defective.  We strongly encourage you to contact a licensed electrician to assist with replacing damaged components and configuring other electrical problems.

Fire Damage

In the worst of events, a malfunctioning appliance can lead to an electrical short that stimulates a fire.  In metal appliances, tiny fires can occur and flicker on their own. Based on where these tiny fires take place, they can inflame curtains, wallpaper, insulation, or other materials that may cause them to rapidly spread.  Keep fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in sight to be proactive in case of a disaster or fire occurrence.

Remember:  It is important to discover the root of the problem in appliances. Call an expert to help figure out appliance failures during the earliest stages of detected malfunction. This can save you from further problems and potential life-threatening situations.

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