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Preventive Maintenance

When it comes to preventive maintenance, you might often think about protecting your business from inclement weather, or ensuring that things like the plumbing are working correctly. But how often have you considered preventive maintenance on your electrical system? Not much, right?

That’s because most electrical systems are designed to sustain themselves. Still, over time, electrical codes are updated and refined and new regulations are put into place. There is a heavy emphasis on many businesses toward greater conservation and sustainability, and old or outdated electrical systems can quickly run up your electrical bill (not to mention make a big impact on your carbon footprint).

But at Kirby Electric, we understand that you’re not an electrical engineer – and we don’t expect you to stay up to date on codes and regulations – that’s what we do! We understand all the requirements to keep your business safe and up to code, no matter what system you’re using or how old your power system is.

Failing to keep your electrical system up to code could put your business at risk. We have a dedicated team of commercial electricians standing by with the tools, the technology and the experience to provide detailed preventive maintenance and keep your electrical systems running at peak efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more and let us help keep your business going strong.