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Digital Video Surveillance

When it comes to protecting your business or your home, nothing is more secure or invaluable than audio/visual surveillance. At Kirby Electric, we sell and install security camera systems and digital video technology that offers the best of cutting-edge recording and playback systems.

Security Camera Installation Seattle, WA

In addition to the camera being a natural theft deterrent, CCTV audio/visual recording and playback protects you by allowing you to view live or recorded video from anywhere in the world. You can also search through live and captured video, providing you detailed imagery when you need it most.

Our full scale audio and visual CCTV technology spans a wide range of solutions, including fixed surveillance cameras, pan/tilt/zoom cameras, digital video recorders and flat screen monitors to provide you with a well-rounded, affordable solution for your home or business.

Not sure which CCTV option to choose? Our certified experts will guide you toward the best choice for your unique needs. We’ve helped thousands of residents throughout the Seattle and Bellevue areas enjoy greater safety and protection against thefts, robberies and related crimes through the use of superior digital and playback technology, and we’d like to help you too.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Stay protected and enjoy greater peace of mind with the latest in digital video technology from Kirby Electric.

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