Office electricity is dependent on electrical outlets. With time, electrical outlets may start to loosen or become discolored. If you avoid or are unaware of the signs to replace old outlets, there can be safety hazard such as burns or shocks. Therefore, make sure to have properly functioning outlets in the workplace and to always have a plan for worst-case scenarios. Discover 4 signs that indicate it is time to replace your office outlets.

  1. Damaged Exterior

Typically, the cover or exterior part of an outlet does not have much correlation to the functionality of an outlet. However, damage to the outer cover can indicate possible damage inside the outlet. To be proactive, we suggest replacing outlets that have a cracked or damaged cover to avoid future electrical issues that can arise in an office.

  1. Discoloration

Discoloration may be a cautionary flag that the outlet has been damaged, burned, or even poorly installed. Therefore, avoid using a discolored outlet at all costs. For one, scorch marks or melted elements are a result of a short circuit. Damage to the receptacle can lead to an unfortunate office fire. Call a professional electrician to inspect your outlets as soon as possible to avoid any hazards.

  1. Moisture

Outlets that are exposed to moisture can become damp and can start to function improperly. Inspect outlets located in the office kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas where water is present. This is why ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets are legally required, especially for receptacles may experience moisture. They protect an office and residences from fire, electrical shocks and electrocution.

  1. Loose

If plugs do not fit or are falling out of an outlet, your office needs new outlets. Also, if a plug can only partially stay inside of an outlet, this can be a fire hazard. Loose outlets can be an indication of possible internal fatigue. Thankfully, replacing loose outlets is a simple fix. Making sure that plugs can fit securely in an outlet is another proactive step to establish a safe office!

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