This holiday give yourself the gift of energy savings. Cut back on energy charges by changing how you cook, clean, and even decorate and you could pocket savings. These energy-saving strategies from The California Energy Commission’s Consumer Energy Center will help you prepare your home or work for the holiday season.

1. Cut back in the kitchenWoman baking cookies with young girl

Use your oven’s window to see if a dish is done.  “Opening the oven door lowers the temperature inside—by as much as 25 degrees— which increases cooking time and wastes energy,” The California Energy Commission Reports.

Cook with pans that fit your burners to save energy. When pots and pans are too small for the burner, excess heat is produced that you pay for. Also take a break from the stove when possible and cook meals with energy-saving microwaves, electric skillets, toaster ovens, and slow cookers. These alternative heating methods can you save time as well.

2. Do some light cleaning
Dirty plate and silverware

Save additional energy by ensuring the dishwasher is always at maximum capacity before it runs. If you need to pre-rinse any pieces, turn the tap to cold. As you hand wash delicate settings after special occasions, scrub and rinse off dishes in full sinks or tubs instead of letting the faucet run continuously.

3. Decorate differently

The California Energy Commission suggests accenting your home with miniature or LED lights to save energy while decorating, and installing an automatic timer that keeps lighting displays within budget. You may also want to get creative and deck your halls and trees with nostalgic garlands of cookies, candy, or popcorn in lieu of lights.

4. Spread the word

If your goal is to see significant change in your energy bill, communicate these tips to everyone in your home or workplace, either through conversations or friendly posted reminders on how to save energy.

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