Lighting has an effect on our mood and on the intensity of our emotions. Studies have shown that the brighter the lighting, the more intense a person’s emotions become. This is why our moods tend to change with the seasons, because of the difference in amount of light received throughout different parts of the year.

Bright Light

When it is sunny outside, we tend to be more optimistic, energetic, and helpful and our well being is higher. Bright lighting also causes an increase in feelings of warmth, even if the temperature in the room is not increased. People feel warmer when there is brighter lighting because the intensity of their emotions is being increased as well. For example, a person placed under brighter lighting will crave spicier sauce, see a person as more attractive and think of positive words as more positive and negative words as more negative. If that same person were placed under darker lighting, they most likely would crave sauce that was less spicy, and wouldn’t see a person as attractive as they did in brighter lighting.

Lack of Light

Lack of light and poor artificial lighting can cause us to have lack of energy and can trigger symptoms of depression.  The brain chemical serotonin which is responsible for maintaining mood balance, decreases on dark days and increases on brighter days. This explains why we are likely to experience seasonal depression during wintertime and why our level of energy is decreased in locations where there is less lighting. Dim lighting can also result in drowsiness and lack of focus, which is why most work places have brighter lighting, to improve employee motivation.

Light does have an effect on a person’s mood. Simple adjustments in lighting both in homes and offices can make a difference in the way a person thinks and feels. If you are thinking about your office and would like to change up the lighting, give Kirby Electric a call and see what kind of changes to your lighting system you can make!

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