Did you know lighting accounts for more than 25% of energy used in most buildings? Together we can change this. Try making a difference this Earth Day and go green. Get your lighting package upgraded with Kirby Electric’s lighting retrofits. Check out how you can make a difference and what is in it for you.


As an employer, safety should be a top priority. Poorly lit warehouses can not only be dangerous, but extremely uninviting and unpleasant to work in. Create a more enjoyable and safer atmosphere with a new lighting package supplied and installed by us for you. Plus, well-lit workspaces keep your employees energized throughout the day, potentially increasing productivity!

Lower Utility Bills

Cut costs potentially in half with more efficient warehouse lighting! With over 20 years of experience, we have been on the front end of offering customers the most effective green lighting solutions for their buildings. By opting-in for a greener lighting retrofit, you can save money every time you switch on the lights.


When you install green lighting, it can result in to rebates for your office building or warehouse. We work  in concert with the utility companies to provide lighting rebates back to you for implementing upgrades to your lighting.


Seeking a unique look and feel for your office space? We offer experienced administration, estimators, a design specialist and project managers that work with general contractors and owners to present a comprehensive green lighting design with competitive pricing.

The Planet!

Do your part. Give back to the planet by cutting down on energy consumption in your warehouse or office building. Some of our projects have reduced energy consumption by over 50 percent! Remember, resources are limited. This Earth Day, discover your options for green lighting with Kirby Electric.

About Kirby Electric

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