electricity from garbage

Have you ever thought that your garbage might have a higher purpose? Surprisingly enough, it does! Seattle City Light provides some of the most environmentally responsible energy and is always trying to find ways to leave less of an environmental footprint. This is why Seattle City Light soon plans to buy all of the electricity produced by the Columbia Ridge landfill gas power plant in Oregon according to The Skanner.

Electricity from Garbage?

electricity from garbage

With the ongoing concern for our environment, now more than ever finding alternative ways to create energy is important. This is why Waste Management and Seattle Public Utilities are working together for a common purpose. Seattle Public Utilities currently ships garbage to Columbia Ridge where it sits at the landfill. Instead of just letting garbage sit and rot, Waste Management has been able to capture the methane gas produced by this decaying garbage and turn it into energy! According to Waste Management, they are going to double the amount of energy that they currently produce from 6.4 megawatts to 12.8 megawatts. This amount of energy is enough to power 12, 500 homes in Seattle.

Green Initiatives Taking Place in Washington

Not only are public utilities services trying to find more sustainable ways to create energy, but they also want to find a way to renew and reuse water. Every day gallons and gallons of water get flushed down the drain that are not polluted enough to discard completely. That is why Washington State is working on projects to reclaim water. Water that is unsafe for drinking but that has still been treated can be used for such things as irrigating crops or flushing toilets. With water being a sparse resource in some areas in the state, becoming more efficient will benefit not only the communities in Washington but also our gorgeous surroundings.

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