LED Lighting is cutting edgeWhen most people think of LED lighting they think of their uses in traffic signals, consumer electronics and appliances, signage lighting or even of LED lighting showing up in the automotive and aviation industries.

However, LED lights are quickly positioning themselves to be the future of commercial lighting because they are more efficient than other lighting options and could lead to significant savings on lighting costs. They’re also appearing with more modern styling than ever before.

The Groundbreaking WaveStream LED Series

Take for instance the new WaveStream LED Series from Cooper Lighting. This series includes the SkyRidge and Encounter Series through which Cooper aims to make high-performance LEDs the industry standard for lighting commercial interiors.

These lights provide a cost-effective solution for commercial enterprises to boost energy savings while delivering better optical performance and brightness control, according to a recent Cooper announcement. Cooper Lighting hopes the new technology can be applied to a wide variety of residential, industrial and office lighting projects.

“LED technology has come a long way over the past few years, but most manufacturers are still struggling to develop and offer cost-effective solutions that not only look great but also perform well,” said Mark Eubanks, president of Cooper Lighting, in the announcement. “Our new WaveStream line addresses that challenge, providing users with an unparalleled balance of form and function all at affordable price points. The Metalux Encounter series is the first of many WaveStream products rolling out this year that make LED lighting possible for a wider range of applications.”

What’s the Big Deal about LEDs?

The question arises: if we already have options like incandescent and florescent lighting, why would we need LEDs? The advantages of LEDs over other light sources include less energy consumption, a longer lifetime and cooler temperatures than other types of lighting. Cooper’s WaveStream products also have “less glare, dimming capabilities and the potential for great lighting quality,” according to a recent blog written by an industry expert.

Cooper reports that its SkyRidge Series provides energy savings of more than 50% and its Encounter Series offers savings of more than 45% when compared to fluorescent troffers, the current industry standard for commercial light fixtures.

What Are LEDs?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. While incandescent lights and fluorescents emit light using filaments in glass bulbs or through gases inside a bulb, LEDs generate light through semiconductors.

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(Photo courtesy: www.CooperIndustries.com)