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17 Nov 2017

The Impact of Lighting on Workers and Productivity

Workers today are spending more of their time in the office. While investing more time at work can be beneficial, are workers productive? Companies that recognize the factors that help drive productivity get more out of their employees, which results to better service, effort, and higher revenue for a business. Lighting is one component in the office that has an on one’s physical and mental state. Explore our blog to see how lighting has a direct impact on workers and their productivity.

Color Temperature Effects on Workers

Different light temperatures influence our work environment.  Lower color temperatures (warm colors) are typically used in intimate settings to help create an atmosphere of comfort and ease. Mid-range color temperatures are generally implemented in conference rooms to bring a welcoming presence, but the coolness can help bolster alertness. Lastly, high color temperatures that are “cold” colored are utilized in rooms where employees can brainstorm. This type of lighting has the ability to improve alertness and mood and reduce fatigue.

Blue Light: Best Choice for Productivity

High color temperatures/cooler colored lights are the most beneficial for employee productivity. Sun light, or natural light is favorable for workers stuck in the office all day. From the beginning to the end of the day, natural light has the potential to decrease depression and negative thoughts and boost one’s mood and energy. Plus, blue light bulbs have the capability to reduce eye strain and melatonin. A lowered melatonin will help workers be alert as melatonin is what helps control your sleep and wake cycles.

All in all, the best area to implement blue lighting is in areas or rooms where employees brainstorm or host meetings. This will help them feel more excited and engage in discussion or sharing ideas.

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15 Feb 2017
Excellent Electrician - Kirby Electric

Which Qualifications Make For an Excellent Electrician?

When it comes to being an electrician, there is more to the job than being certified. While certification is mandatory, an excellent electrician typically has all of the following qualities and characteristics that we look for when bringing on someone new.


We understand a college degree is not necessary in order to become an electrician, but a high school diploma certainly is! At Kirby Electric we stress the importance of having a studious background and an ongoing willingness to learn and adapt. The following intellectual skills are what we look for in an excellent electrician.

Basic Algebra – It is typical to encounter some form of algebra throughout day-to-day work activities as an electrician. If you are feeling unsure about your algebraic capabilities, enroll in your local community college to brush up on your skills.

Reading & Writing Comprehension – Blueprints, documents, memos and more. All of these are part of your daily job as an electrician. What we care about is how well you can effectively communicate to others along with understanding written and verbal communication in return.

Critical Thinking – Assessing a situation, critically thinking, and analyzing before acting can save you time and money. That is why on every jobsite this may be the most important skill to master. Smart decision making is why Kirby Electric is the best in the Greater Puget Sound region.

Time Management

An excellent electrician can manage his time wisely. This is a skill often learned not taught, but an important one to say the least. We care about our customers, and consider their time just as valuable as ours. When we set a date of completion, we mean it.


When joining Kirby Electric, you are joining a team of highly trained and skilled professionals. An excellent electrician has the ability to seamlessly integrate their work style with others. Along with a team-oriented mindset, comes great communication and listening skills as well.

Superb Customer-Service

Nothing wows our customers more than our excellent customer service. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of electricians is led by senior leadership whose core philosophy is focused on consistently delivering exceptional customer service.

Kirby Electric is Hiring!

Did you know Kirby Electric is currently hiring? If you are looking for a vibrant work environment that offers career growth and full benefits, including paid vacation, a 401K plan, health benefits and paid holidays, consider a future with Kirby Electric. Our open positions can be found here.

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