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25 Oct 2018
fall office electrical tips

Fall Electrical Safety Tips

Fall brings in changing colored leaves with variable cooler climate changes. It is important to keep in mind different seasons may require different cautions for office electrical safety. With that, there may be more electrical challenges to face as more time will be spent indoors. Stay proactive and follow our fall safety tips to make the workplace safe and hazard-free.

Electrical Wiring

The holidays are just around the corner! Can your office electrical system handle extra power required for decorations and lights? Faulty wiring is the number one cause of house fires and has the potential to devastate an office. Keep your employees safe by not overloading a circuit, which is a cause of faulty wiring.  Before putting up decorations, contact Kirby Electric for a professional electrical inspection.

Inspect Extension Cords

Furthermore on holiday power usage, the most common decorations are Halloween lights, moving objects (such as flying bats) or other multiple electrical devices that require power. For safety, make sure to inspect office extension cords before use. Check for any signs of damage or wear and tear as this can be a severe fire hazard. To ensure safety, avoid inputting too many plugs into the same socket and do not stack them.

Space Heaters

It is common to utilize space heaters in the office, especially when fall mornings can be chilly. While space heaters are comforting, they can cause fire hazards if they are not properly placed in a safe area. Avoid placing space heaters three feet of anything flammable. Likewise, avoid plugging it into an extension cord. Furthermore, unplug space heaters after use to eliminate risk of an after hours fire.

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As Seattle’s premier electric company, Kirby Electric specializes in commercial and industrial electrical solutions. We provide top electrical services such as, lighting retrofitsemergency service repairspreventative maintenance, and electrical inspections that best fit your building’s needs. Contact us today and request a quote at (253) 859-2000 or online here to learn more about our services.


12 Jul 2018

What Causes Office Lights to Flicker?

Occasionally, offices can experience flickering lights. While this many appear normal, flickering lights can cause distractions. If this happens often, improper lighting can cause headaches, deplete energy, and eventually turn dim. Initially, why or how does this occur? Read on to discover why your office lights may be flickering.

One Bulb Flickering

Is there only one light that flickers in the office? LEDs and fluorescent lights tend to flicker more than other types of lightbulbs, therefore, it could be a normal issue. However, it does not hurt to be proactive. First, check if the light is screwed in or properly inserted in the light socket. Safely remove the lightbulb and screw it back in. If everything appears to be fine, the office light may be reaching the end of its lifespan. It may be time to invest in new LED lights.

Single Circuit Flickering

Flickering lights can also be a result of an overloaded circuit. Too many appliances plugged in on the same line can cause a power shortage. Plus, it could be possible the circuit wire is outdated. Typically, this issue commonly happens in old office buildings or residential homes that have outdated wiring that is not up to industry standards. If your office continues to experience flickering down the road, or the circuit breaker is not working properly, it may be time to hire a professional electrician for an inspection.

Office Building Flickering

Flickering lights that extend beyond a single room or circuit means there is a bigger issue to resolve. When an entire office experiences flickering lights, there could be a problem with the cable connections to an even larger power source. Protect your employees and office building by contacting a professional electrician to handle this large scale issue. Especially, since this problem can result to a fire hazard.

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As Seattle’s premier electric company, Kirby Electric specializes in commercial and industrial electrical solutions. We provide top electrical services such as, lighting retrofitsemergency service repairspreventative maintenance, and electrical inspections that best fit your building’s needs. Contact us today and request a quote at (253) 859-2000 or online here to learn more about our services.

22 Jun 2018

Why you Should Hire an Electrician and Avoid DIY Work

Learning and understanding how to fix up a home can be a good way to save money. However, certain areas of a residence should require professional expertise. Electrical installations and repairs can be dangerous and complicated. Attempting to do DIY work for electrical needs can lead to potential problems and as a result, can cost you a fortune to fix. Discover why hiring an electrician is imperative to correctly repair or handle electrical installations and repairs.

  1. Choose an Electrician Because Mistakes can be Costly

There is nothing wrong with trying to learn how to make simple repairs in your residence. Nonetheless, even the smallest electricity repair can be more difficult than anticipated. Without expertise and/or trying to discover the quickest way to get an electrical repair fixed on your own can cause even more problems. For instance, it is easier to accidentally cut the wrong wire or cord. If you are not sure, it is best not to try and dive in. It would be rather unfortunate to pay even more to fix and clean up your damages in comparison to the smaller bill provided by an electrician prior to your DIY work. Always call an electrician because at the end of the day, they are professionals and will handle your needs with care.

  1. Inspection Problems

Are you aware that electrical elements must pass an inspection?  Not only could DIY work lead to dangers, but if you fail an inspection, expect an enormous fine. For example, there are homeowners that believe they can hide repairs in attics or walls and realize they cannot sell their home because of a failed inspection.  Hiring an electrician insures that your home will pass an inspection!

  1. Fire Threats

We cannot emphasis enough that performing electrical repairs can be a dangerous task. There is a chance that a spark can occur and a fire can emerge. This is why it is crucial to hire an electrician—to avoid potentially destroying your home! Licensed electricians understand the correct procedures and safety measures to complete before taking on an electrical task. Being careless or even slightly uninformed on how to handle an electrical problem can be catastrophic. Avoid any devastation by avoiding DIY work, especially if you are not highly informed on how to fix electrical work.

Contact Kirby Electric for Expert Electrical Help

As Seattle’s premier electric company, Kirby Electric specializes in commercial and industrial electrical solutions. We provide top electrical services such as, lighting retrofitsemergency service repairspreventative maintenance, and electrical inspections that best fit your building’s needs. Contact us today and request a quote at (253) 859-2000 or online here to learn more about our services.

31 May 2018

How to Check if an Office Space is Electrically Safe Before Renting

Is it time to discover the perfect office space for your business? Most important factors renters tend to focus on are the location and price. On the other hand, an imperative factor to pay attention to is safety. Is the space considered electrically safe? Being able to point out and understand potential safety issues can help avoid future fire hazards in such a busy environment. Read on to discover how to check if your potential office space is electrically safe to rent.

  1. Acknowledge Spacing

Where you place your electrical equipment is important. Avoid placing electrical equipment near other products or equipment. For one, equipment in close proximity can experience overheating and electrical fires. Therefore, make sure the office provides plenty of space and storage. Be able to conveniently store electrical items and office equipment safely.

  1. Control Dust with Proper Ventilation

Whether at home or in an office, make sure that dust does not compile in any given space. Dust can create a potential choking hazard. In worst case scenarios, small areas that are not properly ventilated and collect a build-up of dust can become explosive. Make sure to remediate dust and clean dusty areas on a regular basis. Select an office that includes proper ventilation to avoid dust hazards.

  1. Ensure Socket Safety

It is important to inspect all wall sockets. Nonetheless, insufficiently fitted or improperly grounded sockets can lead to electrocution. They can also fry and damage plugged in electrical equipment. Plus, sparks can occur, likely leading to a fire. Speak to your landlord or building management if you suspect any problems with any of the wall sockets. Contact a professional electrician to inspect any sockets and other specifics you are unsure about before selecting an office space.

Contact Kirby Electric to Inspect Your Office Today

As Seattle’s premier electric company, Kirby Electric specializes in commercial and industrial electrical solutions. We provide top electrical services such as, lighting retrofits, emergency service repairs, preventative maintenance, and electrical inspections that best fit your building’s needs. Contact us today and request a quote at (253) 859-2000 or online here to learn more about our services.

26 Feb 2018
electrical damage

Malfunctioning Appliances can Cause Electrical Damage

Whether it is due to over usage, disrepair, or need of replacement, home appliances eventually experience problems. The contrary belief is the appliance alone will experience trouble, but faulty appliances may cause greater problems to your electrical system. . Damages can range from simple wear and tear to a catastrophic electrical fire. Read on to discover how malfunctioning appliances can cause electrical damage and what you should do if a serious problem is detected.

What can Happen?

When malfunctioning appliances start to fizzle, it sends an enormous amount of electricity to the electrical system. This will cause the circuit breaker to trip, which is the first sign of a problem and also recognized as a safety mechanism.

The circuit breaker should not be flipped on when the root of the problem is not discovered. This can result to even more inconvenient electrical damages to deal with (such as surge, physical, and fire damage).

Surge Damage

Is there a surge protector or whole-home surge protection in your home for everyday use electronics? This particular technology secures sensitive microprocessors that can be easily impaired from power surges. For example, refrigerators and air conditioners use a surplus amount of energy when in use. Then, other home appliances that are sharing the same circuit receive surges of power. With malfunctioning appliances, they can potentially send bigger surges.

As a result, microprocessor-based electronics may experience instant permanent damage. In other cases, they may experience damage over time, reducing an appliance’s lifespan.

Physical Damage

When large surges occur, they can burn connectors in light switches, electrical outlets, and other given electrical components. Moreover, it only takes a fraction of a second for a flash like this to make an outlet or switch defective.  We strongly encourage you to contact a licensed electrician to assist with replacing damaged components and configuring other electrical problems.

Fire Damage

In the worst of events, a malfunctioning appliance can lead to an electrical short that stimulates a fire.  In metal appliances, tiny fires can occur and flicker on their own. Based on where these tiny fires take place, they can inflame curtains, wallpaper, insulation, or other materials that may cause them to rapidly spread.  Keep fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in sight to be proactive in case of a disaster or fire occurrence.

Remember:  It is important to discover the root of the problem in appliances. Call an expert to help figure out appliance failures during the earliest stages of detected malfunction. This can save you from further problems and potential life-threatening situations.

Kirby Electric is a Premier Electrical Contractor Serving the Greater Seattle Area

As Seattle’s premier electric company, Kirby Electric specializes in commercial and industrial lighting. We provide top electrical services that best fit your building’s needs and present energy management solutions. Such solutions provide economically and environmentally beneficial services. Contact us today and request a quote at (253) 859-2000 or online here to learn more about our services.

15 Feb 2017
Excellent Electrician - Kirby Electric

Which Qualifications Make For an Excellent Electrician?

When it comes to being an electrician, there is more to the job than being certified. While certification is mandatory, an excellent electrician typically has all of the following qualities and characteristics that we look for when bringing on someone new.


We understand a college degree is not necessary in order to become an electrician, but a high school diploma certainly is! At Kirby Electric we stress the importance of having a studious background and an ongoing willingness to learn and adapt. The following intellectual skills are what we look for in an excellent electrician.

Basic Algebra – It is typical to encounter some form of algebra throughout day-to-day work activities as an electrician. If you are feeling unsure about your algebraic capabilities, enroll in your local community college to brush up on your skills.

Reading & Writing Comprehension – Blueprints, documents, memos and more. All of these are part of your daily job as an electrician. What we care about is how well you can effectively communicate to others along with understanding written and verbal communication in return.

Critical Thinking – Assessing a situation, critically thinking, and analyzing before acting can save you time and money. That is why on every jobsite this may be the most important skill to master. Smart decision making is why Kirby Electric is the best in the Greater Puget Sound region.

Time Management

An excellent electrician can manage his time wisely. This is a skill often learned not taught, but an important one to say the least. We care about our customers, and consider their time just as valuable as ours. When we set a date of completion, we mean it.


When joining Kirby Electric, you are joining a team of highly trained and skilled professionals. An excellent electrician has the ability to seamlessly integrate their work style with others. Along with a team-oriented mindset, comes great communication and listening skills as well.

Superb Customer-Service

Nothing wows our customers more than our excellent customer service. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of electricians is led by senior leadership whose core philosophy is focused on consistently delivering exceptional customer service.

Kirby Electric is Hiring!

Did you know Kirby Electric is currently hiring? If you are looking for a vibrant work environment that offers career growth and full benefits, including paid vacation, a 401K plan, health benefits and paid holidays, consider a future with Kirby Electric. Our open positions can be found here.

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Do you think you have what it takes to be an excellent electrician or employee with Kirby? Apply here. Kirby Electric is a premier electrical contractor specializing in commercial and industrial electrical construction.  With over 20 years of experience serving the Greater Puget Sound area and Western Washington, we have acquired a solid, loyal growing customer base. Help us grow even more!  Learn more about our services here. Have questions? Contact us online or by calling 253-859-2000. We look forward to hearing from you.

02 Jul 2013

Energy-Efficient Lighting for Your Business

Choosing energy-efficient lighting for your business is an important but often daunting task. According to an article by the US Small Business Administration (SBA), “Depending on the type of business you operate, lighting accounts for 20% to 50% of electricity consumption” and usually offers the “highest return-on-investment of major upgrades”. Make sure you are doing all you can to light your business efficiently with these quick tips.

Tips for Improving Lighting Efficiency

  1. Upgrade Old Systems: You do not need to start from scratch in order to improve your business’ lighting efficiency. If your business has pre-existing lighting systems, there are many affordable upgrades you can make, like replacing incandescent lamps with fluorescent lamps. Consult your electrical contractor to discuss your options.
  2. Choose a Quality Commercial Electrical Contractor: Choosing a qualified commercial  electrician to install energy-efficient lighting is essential. Sloppy installation jobs and seemingly small mistakes could end up costing you valuable time and money later.
  3. New Construction Projects and Large Retrofits: The larger the project, the more time and effort you will often need to invest. It may be helpful to have a professional generate computer models of your lighting system to help ensure that the completed project will meet your business needs.

The formula for efficient lighting success is, “Technology + Effective Design = Performance and Energy Savings”. The latest proven technology coupled with an effective, efficient design will help your business maximize performance and energy savings.

About Kirby Electric

Kirby Electric Inc. is Seattle’s premier commercial and industrial electrical contractor. For over twenty years Kirby Electric has been helping companies go green and save money. Whether you’re looking for Seattle lighting retrofits or electrical services for your industrial or commercial building, Kirby Electric is here to help. Kirby Electric is a Puget Sound Energy Contractor Alliance Network Certified Specialist. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a quote .

29 May 2013

5 Facts About Electricians

kirby_cocacolaThe electrical profession is no walk in the park. Check out these 5 facts about electricians from a recent article:

1. Master Electricians Train Nearly as Long as Doctors

There is no room for error when it comes to electrical projects since the slightest mistake could have devastating or even life threatening consequences. This is why master electricians put just as much time and effort into their training and education as any other highly skilled professional.

2. Electricians Tend to Specialize

Like doctors, electricians tend to specialize in a specific area where they have the most knowledge.

  • Residential: electricians who deal with home issues.
  • Commercial: electricians who service commercial buildings.
  • Industrial: electricians who are familiar with and are specially trained to handle industrial electrical equipment.
  • Outside Lineman: Electricians who deal with outdoor electrical structures such as power lines, substations, and transformers.

3. Electricians Must Be in Good Shape

Electrical equipment can be extremely heavy or difficult to access. Sometimes electricians must work in cramped quarters, in areas that must be accessed by ladders or in other hard-to-reach areas.

4. Electricians Need to Have Good Thinking Skills

Electrical projects involve more than just simple wire rearrangement. To be successful, an electrician must have a solid mathematical background that enables them to read and analyze blue prints and other technical schematic material. Electricians must also constantly be aware of local and federal safety codes. Furthermore, as some electrical projects can be dangerous, electricians must have good organizational skills and the ability to recall crucial information under stressful circumstances.

5. Electricians are Going Green

Most people do not associate electricians with environmental conservation. However, master electricians are highly-trained, environmentally conscious professionals who are constantly searching for new ways to conserve energy using new technology and offering eco-friendly services like lighting retrofits.

Kirby Electric

Kirby Electric is a premier Seattle electrical contractor specializing in commercial and industrial electrical contracting. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a quote .