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29 May 2013

5 Facts About Electricians

kirby_cocacolaThe electrical profession is no walk in the park. Check out these 5 facts about electricians from a recent article:

1. Master Electricians Train Nearly as Long as Doctors

There is no room for error when it comes to electrical projects since the slightest mistake could have devastating or even life threatening consequences. This is why master electricians put just as much time and effort into their training and education as any other highly skilled professional.

2. Electricians Tend to Specialize

Like doctors, electricians tend to specialize in a specific area where they have the most knowledge.

  • Residential: electricians who deal with home issues.
  • Commercial: electricians who service commercial buildings.
  • Industrial: electricians who are familiar with and are specially trained to handle industrial electrical equipment.
  • Outside Lineman: Electricians who deal with outdoor electrical structures such as power lines, substations, and transformers.

3. Electricians Must Be in Good Shape

Electrical equipment can be extremely heavy or difficult to access. Sometimes electricians must work in cramped quarters, in areas that must be accessed by ladders or in other hard-to-reach areas.

4. Electricians Need to Have Good Thinking Skills

Electrical projects involve more than just simple wire rearrangement. To be successful, an electrician must have a solid mathematical background that enables them to read and analyze blue prints and other technical schematic material. Electricians must also constantly be aware of local and federal safety codes. Furthermore, as some electrical projects can be dangerous, electricians must have good organizational skills and the ability to recall crucial information under stressful circumstances.

5. Electricians are Going Green

Most people do not associate electricians with environmental conservation. However, master electricians are highly-trained, environmentally conscious professionals who are constantly searching for new ways to conserve energy using new technology and offering eco-friendly services like lighting retrofits.

Kirby Electric

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28 Mar 2013

Welcome to Kirby Electric

Welcome to Kirby Electric’s Website!   Our goal with this website is to introduce you to Kirby Electric and give you more information about our company, the services we provide and hopefully answer any questions you may have about Kirby Electric. From idea to execution, management to maintenance we can help you with any of your next Electrical projects.

Kirby Electric is a premier Electrical Contractor with over 20 years experience serving and working in the Greater Puget Sound area and Western Washington. Kirby Electric teamed with Kirby Fire/security offer our clients both complete Line Voltage and Low Voltage services. Kirby’s electrical contracting services include: design of the electrical distribution systems within a building or complex, procurement and installation of wiring and connection to power sources, end-use equipment and fixtures, as well as long-term contract maintenance.  Kirby Fire/Security provides Fire Alarm design and installation, 24 hour Monitoring service, Security, CCTV and Communication services in the commercial and industrial markets.

With 20+ Years of extensive experience Kirby Electric has worked on commercial and industrial projects which range from distribution and manufacturing facilities, office Buildings, retail spaces, Storage facilities, healthcare, fitness Centers and Churches. Working in concert with owners, General Contractors, Architects and engineers to collectively design and Build facilities to accommodate the many needs and dreams of our Clients. From our experienced, safety-conscious Field Crew, to our innovative and motivated Office Staff Kirby Electric can custom design and build a solution for any size project.

Kirby Electric’s Pledge is to provide our clients with a level of professionalism and respect that is second to none.   Kirby Electric has maintained a growing level of success over the last 20 years due to upholding  these core values by which the company was founded: honesty, professionalism, dependability, Hard work and determination.

Kirby Electric’s Goal is build long lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.

Kirby Electric promotes a work environment that encourages new innovations and growth. To employ individuals who motivated and inspire the people around them to be better.

Thank you for visiting,
Kirby Electric Inc.