Lighting is an essential component to brighten and set the mood of any room. However, it also has an impact on how customers perceive your retail store. Today, there is stiff competition among businesses and competing brands. Selecting the best lighting solutions can give you that competitive edge you are looking for. Also, thoughtful lighting designs help captivate the customer’s attention while making them feel welcomed. Read on to discover the best lighting solutions for your unique retail store.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting (also known as general lighting) is the primary lighting source of a store. Its general function is to create a comfortable environment for customers. Also, it should provide an adequate amount of light to make the whole store visible. It is important to select the correct ambient lighting that matches your business environment. For example, coffee shops should avoid harsh lighting. Customers want to enjoy their coffee or catch up with an old friend. Contrastly, other stores focus on highlighting their products. Therefore, ambient lighting should effectively showcase products without any issues.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is utilized in areas where employees or customers will perform a particular job duty. For example, stockrooms, dressing rooms, and checkout counters need specific illumination. Additionally, make sure areas with task lighting are not overly bright. For one, it can confuse customers and reduce the effectiveness of the lighting. Most importantly, we suggest installing ambient lighting first. This will help easily scout out which areas will benefit from task lighting.

Decorative Lighting

If a store needs to establish its personality, utilizing decorative lighting is the way to go. Decorative lighting is when an ornamental lighting component is added to enhance the store’s design and aesthetic. Plus, decorative lighting adds flair and can make a store stand out. Chandeliers and pendant lighting fixtures are two common examples of decorative lighting that adds character to a space.

Accent Lighting

Lastly, what part of a store needs to be highlighted the most? Accent lighting can help bring awareness or importance to particular products or areas of a store. Most importantly, it captures the attention of the customer. Therefore, utilize accent lighting in window displays, mannequins, or shelves. If ambient lighting will not do the trick, accent lighting can brighten areas of a store. For one, areas such as dark corners can benefit from this lighting solution. Your bottom line may reap the benefits too!

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