Video Surveillance Systems for BusinessWhen a business is weighing costs v. benefits of CCTV or digital video surveillance systems in Seattle, it’s helpful to consider the savings that can come from crime prevention. Also, it’s important to consider the peace of mind that a surveillance system can deliver. There are many benefits of video surveillance systems for business.

Theft Deterrence

A video surveillance system or CCTV system helps prevent theft and other crime in the work place. Also, when cameras are strategically placed, they can be an aid in solving crimes that may occur. Further, CCTV camera installation can help prevent shoplifting theft, which can be a costly problem.

Burglary Deterrence

A security camera on premises can deter burglars. For example, who wants to break into a business where the crime will be caught on camera?
And, if a burglary does occur, the criminal can be described, evidence can be collected, and the culprit is more likely to be identified and apprehended.

Personal and Property Protection

In addition to deterring theft and burglary, surveillance cameras can be effective in reducing graffiti and vandalism damage. Where security cameras are installed, crime is reduced.

View Live or Recorded Data from Any Location

We install technology that makes it convenient to watch surveillance camera feeds on TVs and computers. In addition, the data can be conveniently accessed from any location.

Peace of Mind

A security system offers peace of mind and helps keep businesses more secure. Besides being a great way to improve security, they can also make employees feel safer.

Use Multiple Security Methods

Finally, an integrated security system is an effective crime deterrent. Studies show that CCTV cameras are more effective when used with other security methods like security lighting and alarms. We’re low voltage contractors ready to help you configure and install your system. Call us at (253) 859-2000 to find out how low voltage surveillance cameras, lighting, and alarms can keep your business and your employees safe. As always, our estimates are free.

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