Pouring glass of bottled water
Bottled water can be a safe alternative to tap during power outages

Even one localized power outage can make work and home life uncomfortable and even unsafe. Prepare with these tips from the CDC to ensure safety during the next Washington power outage.

1. Stay Warm

Avoid hypothermia with blankets and layered clothes like jackets, shirts, and sweaters. Top outfits off with a hat (close-fitting stocking caps can be especially insulating against cold). Gloves, scarves, and legwarmers can also aid in maintaining body heat. Exercise is another great way to naturally warm up. If a full workout isn’t possible, even walking around indoors can help.

2. Keep Food Cold

Food in the refrigerator and freezer can be safely eaten if the outage lasts under four hours, the CDC advises. If outages are longer, avoid eating anything spoiled by putting a food thermometer in dishes or fixings before you use them, tossing anything that registers warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Avoid Tap Water

Treated, boiled, or bottled water can be safer than tap if an electricity outage affects the purification process. Tip: bottled water is a great emergency kit component, but don’t forget to check the expiration dates periodically and replace expired bottles as needed.

4. Be Prepared for Power Lines

Do you know what to do if a power line lands on your car while you’re inside? Exit the car only if it is on fire, the CDC cautions. To safely exit, jump out so you are in mid-air before reaching the ground, then shuffle 50 or more feet from the car, keeping both feet in contact with the ground as much as possible.

 5. Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Even in dire circumstances, charcoal grills and camp stoves should not be ignited inside any type of enclosed area or building. When the power is out, gas stovetops and ovens become dangerous, so you’ll need to seek substitute heating and cooking methods. The CDC also recommends mounting a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector that will alert you to danger even if electricity fails.

Stay safe when using generators by never running a generator indoors. Keep your generator as far outside of your home as possible so carbon monoxide stays out of the house and garage.

How can your home or business stay safer during winter storms and electrical outages? Kirby Electric installs systems for carbon monoxide monitoring so you can concentrate on getting through power outages with less stress. Request a quote to learn more about carbon monoxide monitoring and safety systems for your home or workplace.

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