Simply creating air movement can make an area more comfortable
Simply creating air movement can make an area more comfortable

Just when the heating bills have begun to lower, a new season of potential energy costs starts up. While longer days call for less use of TVs, light switches, and even ovens, the costs of maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature can add up. How do you enjoy the season and avoid steep bills? Try these summer energy-saving solutions in your home or business.

1. Circulate

Whether you’re trying to find ways to keep cool without an AC unit, or you have one and simply want to down usage costs, try this tip from the California Energy Commission: ceiling fans make the temperature feel at least four degrees cooler.

2. Insulate

Insulation is just as important in the summer, when you want to trap cool air indoors. While an air leakage might be easier to spot in the winter, you can still identify gaps or other compromised areas around places like windows and doors that allow for air to transfer. Inspect your house thoroughly. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends using a flashlight at night to identify possible problem areas. They also suggest rattling doors and windows; an unsecure opening can be an opportunity for air flow.

3. Stock Up

This tip works equally well for offices and homes. The California Energy Commission advises that a filled refrigerator actually helps your appliance run more efficiently. When a refrigerator is less full, it takes more effort to maintain the temperature. So instead of throwing out food immediately, consider that keeping shelves stocked can actually help reduce energy needed.

4. Cover Up

An alternative to keeping blinds closed to direct sunlight is installing solar window film. Window film can help keep hot rays from reaching the inside of your office or home, plus it’ll help cut down on the bright glare that makes reading computer screens difficult during peak sunlight hours.

5. Audit

How much energy is your business losing? What kind of savings could you have if you implemented more efficient practices? Installing efficient lighting and electrical systems could reduce your energy bills. An energy audit is the way to determine potential savings. Kirby Electric can assess your business’ current system and needs. Even newer buildings can benefit from energy-saving solutions, and if your office is older, the savings could be even more drastic. Schedule an energy audit by calling 253-859-2000.

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