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Kirby Electric provides electrical maintenance in Seattle, WA, along with emergency service for commercial and industrial companies. Our electrical maintenance service for businesses include inspections, upgrades, retrofits, and more.

Emergency Service Repair

Our skilled, knowledgeable electricians understand the key differences of the commercial industry. We know that commercial projects require far more experience and expertise than typical home electrical repairs. What’s more, we understand that the quality of commercial work can have a ripple effect on everything from the perception of your office to your profits.

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Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to preventative maintenance, you might often think about protecting your business from inclement weather, or ensuring that things like the plumbing are working correctly. But how often have you considered preventative maintenance on your electrical system? Not much, right?

That’s because most electrical systems are designed to sustain themselves. Still, over time, electrical codes are updated and refined and new regulations are put into place. There is a heavy emphasis on many businesses toward greater conservation and sustainability, and old or outdated electrical systems can quickly run up your electrical bill (not to mention make a big impact on your carbon footprint).

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Inspection Services

At Kirby Electric we offer comprehensive and detailed inspection services throughout Seattle, Bellevue and western Washington. Our electrical inspection service is designed to help ensure your safety and security as well as protect your investment. We’re happy to have served the area with extensive, thorough inspection services since 1990.

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Lighting Retrofits

Surprised by the high costs of your commercial electric bill? Not sure if there’s anything you can do about it? Now there is. With Kirby Electric, we can help improve your energy efficiency by creating a customized lighting solution that not only provides ample lighting in the area, but can also save you thousands of dollars.

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