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Electrical Engineering

As an independent electrical engineering and consulting firm in Seattle, we understand the unique regional needs of our clientele and provide decades of detailed experience in creating best in class electrical engineering services.

Throughout your entire power system’s life cycle, changes will happen. Technology will update, hardware and software will scale, and new laws and regulations will be put into place. That’s why it pays to have an electrical engineering company on your site to give you the innovative solutions you need to keep your system safe, reliable, and always up to date.

Our dedicated team can design your power system from the ground up to ensure proper usage and safety for years to come. From conservation measures to modernizing aging systems, we can help extend the life of your power system or build it to align perfectly with sustainability objectives. We can also custom craft a power monitoring and automation solution that follows proper power consumption needs and gives you the competitive edge in business.

Trust the electric engineering specialists at Kirby Electric to provide you with comprehensive electrical engineering services and systems using the very latest in technology and equipment. Contact us today for an estimate or to get recommendations from our certified technicians on the best solutions for your needs.